WELCOME TO FindAPile.com!

FindAPile.com was created with the purpose of developing a catalogue that documents studies of pile foundations under lateral loading to assist geotechnical engineers, researchers and contractors in their design selection, numerical modeling, literature reviews, research assignments and construction selections.

Pile foundations, in particular drilled shafts, are one of the most common foundation systems used in engineering practice. Its versatility in application (off-shore, ports, bridges, buildings) and its resourcefulness in terms of engineering analysis and design (vertical and lateral loading capacities) make it a foundation preference in the United States.

The direct use of large scale pile test results has become a design practice (performance based design) to create safer and more economical foundation systems. Large scale pile tests also provide a more realistic understanding of foundation behavior in specific boundary conditions, soil types and enable the engineer to conduct a much more advanced design approach.

The mission of the research team is to create a resource for practicing engineers to help guide and advance the pile analyses through an extensive literature review and development of an online database of previous large scale pile experiments.

The project has been conducted as collaboration between University of California, Irvine (PI: Prof. Anne Lemnitzer), DFI’s Seismic & Lateral Loads Committee, DFI’s Drilled Shaft Committee as well as the International Association of Foundation Drilling (ADSC).